What's your name? 🔗

My name is Tim Krief (he/him/they/them)

How old are you? 🔗

I'm 25 years old.

Where are you from? 🔗

I'm from France.

What do you do? 🔗

I graduated as an engineer in late 2019. I was offered to work in big tech companies but it was obvious that I would not be able to work there for ethical reasons so I decided to try and become independent. I hope this will be sustainable one day and that I will be able to apply my skills for useful purposes, especially for social and ecological progress. I have little to no resources yet so I'm focusing on indie game development, but I hope I can work on more ambitious projects in the future.

Free/Libre and Open Source Tools? 🔗

YES! Apart from some social networks and communication platforms, all the tools I use are Free/Libre and Open Source. It's important for me for multiple reasons and I hope I'll be able to inspire some to give those awesome tools a chance, use them instead of proprietary ones, and contribute/support them. I work on some Free/Libre and Open Source Tools myself. Some of them are released and maintained by a non-profit I co-founded, AUPYA.

What are your socials? 🔗

All my links are available on https://links.timkrief.com but the ones I use the most are are:

Discord https://discord.gg/K6DjmrF

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/TimKrief

Twitter https://twitter.com/timkrief

Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/timkrief

Mastodon https://framapiaf.org/@timkrief

How can I support your work? 🔗

I would be really grateful if you ever decide to throw some coins at me to support my work and creations. You would be contributing in making genuine creativity a possible endeavor, you would have my sincere gratitude! The best way to support me is through monthly donations:

Become a Patron!

You can also make a one time donation or buy some of my games:

Sharing my creations around is already really helpful. Thanks to everyone subscribing, liking, commenting, following and especially sharing and talking about my work.

Videos 🔗

When is the next video coming out? 🔗

I release a video every week. Silver+ Patrons can see them before everyone else!

Would you put paid ads in any of your videos? 🔗

Nop! I really think that paid ads are one of the worst systems of our times, it forces people to want goods and services, and that's getting dangerous when those things are ecologically or socially problematic. If you see any ads on my videos, it might be because of the latest youtube terms of service update, it's not my choice to have them there at all and I most likely will not be paid for that. I tried to explain that in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjXeTs0Y9G8

Streams 🔗

When do you stream? 🔗

It's complicated right now but usually: I stream every weekday for 2 hours, starting at .

Is this your job? 🔗

No, my goal is not to make a living out of my streams and my videos, it's just a way for me to share the progress of my work and to let you follow and join my journey towards becoming a sustainable indie developer. I don't want to use ads at all as a revenue stream and I hope platforms won't add them without my consent.

Is this going on YouTube? 🔗

I don't have that big an audience yet to have a channel to upload complete VOD nor the resources to edit them and put them on my main channel. So, no, in most cases.

Are there ads in your streams? 🔗

I became a twitch affiliate both to unlock a lot of twitch's features and in the hopes that it will bring more viewers to the streams. Twitch forces affiliate to have some ads turned on, the pre-roll ads. I'm against paid ads and I'm not intentionally trying to get revenue from them. I de-activated all other forms of ads and will not run ads intentionally. If it's ever possible to remove pre-roll ads, I'll remove them.

Games 🔗

When did you start making games? 🔗

I started making actual video games in 2012 as a hobby.

Why do you make games? 🔗

I'm an engineer and an artist. While searching for ways to engineer anything but social/ecological regression, I make art mostly through my games. I feel like it's one of the most interesting forms of art.

Where can I find your games? 🔗

I publish my games on itch.io at https://timkrief.itch.io

Are your games opensource? 🔗

I believe that most tools should be free/libre and open sourced at some point, but I don't believe that all creation should be. I'm doing my best to properly opensource tools I make or my improvements to existing tools, but I'm not interested or willing to opensource my creations.

What is Octahedrone? 🔗

Octahedrone is the upcoming physics-based 3D game I'm working on!

What is Octahedrone all about? 🔗

Use your unique octahedron shaped drone and its challenging controls to sync back all the antennas across the universes and connect your village back to the other dimensions! I made an early story pitch available here: https://youtu.be/JmXeK6YBtoc !

What is Octahedrone's genre? 🔗

I would say it's a physics-based collectathon, but it's open to debate!

What's an Octahedrone? 🔗

The Octahedrone is the octahedron shaped drone used to sync the antennas together!

When will Octahedrone be released? 🔗

A demo is available! An early version of the game will be available in 2021, the complete release date is yet to be determined.

How to get updates about Octahedrone? 🔗

The best way would be to follow my personal accounts but you can also,

join the discord community: https://discord.gg/K6DjmrF

check the website: https://octahedrone.com

the dedicated twitter page: https://twitter.com/_Octahedrone

or facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/octahedrone

What is Daedalus Demise? 🔗

Daedalus Demise is an already released game made in February 2021, it's available here: https://timkrief.itch.io/daedalus-demise and I'm still working on it!

What is Daedalus Demise all about? 🔗

In Daedalus Demise you're trapped in an endless maze. Going deeper into this dungeon is your only hope. Be fast to exit each floor and try to go as deep as possible!

What is Daedalus Demise's genre? 🔗

I would say it's a dungeon crawler, but it's open to debate!

What's the one week crunchless challenge? 🔗

This game was made during my first crunchless challenge and was made in a week. Info about the challenge available in this video: https://youtu.be/1cK9YffEyu0 full retrospective of the challenge available here: https://youtu.be/TPXccXbR4

When will the next version of Daedalus Demise be released? 🔗

I try to update it every now and then, but major versions will be announced on my youtube channel.

How to get updates about Daedalus Demise? 🔗

The best way would be to follow my personal accounts but you can also,

join the discord community: https://discord.gg/K6DjmrF

check the website's news: https://timkrief.itch.io/daedalus-demise/devlog

What is CraftyCounty? 🔗

CraftyCounty is a long term project I mostly worked on in 2020. The game page is available here: https://timkrief.itch.io/craftycounty The project is in a hiatus right now but I'm still working on assets every now and then.

What is CraftyCounty all about? 🔗

Explore and build towns by merging group of four buildings to craft new ones. Discover new combinations to create unique structures and reach your city's goals. Use your dexterity to smartly handle the increasing flow of businesses and inhabitants joining your town.

What is CraftyCounty's genre? 🔗

I would say it's a City-Building / puzzle / dexterity game, but it's open to debate!

Why is CraftyCounty on pause? 🔗

I tried to explain why in this post https://timkrief.itch.io/craftycounty/devlog/202870/one-year-update-octahedrone-steals-the-spotlight

When will CraftyCounty be released? 🔗

No fixed release date yet.

How to get updates about CraftyCounty? 🔗

The best way would be to follow my personal accounts but you can also,

join the discord community: https://discord.gg/K6DjmrF

check the website's news: https://timkrief.itch.io/craftycounty/devlog

the dedicated facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CraftyCounty

Can I ask you anything more? 🔗

Sure thing! DMs open almost everywhere! I might even add the answer here!

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